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$299.00 plus $45.00 shipping.

$299.00 plus $45.00 shipping.

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Bump N' Drive - The Gate Revolution

Turn your existing gate into a drive-through gate without replacing it. Bump N' Drive is a revolutionary new design that opens and closes gates automatically, so you don't have to leave your vehicle. Our kits are engineered to fit any farm or ranch pipe rail gate, as well as many other types. You can install everything in 5 do-it-yourself steps, including those with disabilities. No electricity of any kind is necessary. Just gently push open the gate with your car, truck, ATV, tractor, or any vehicle, and it will lock securely behind you. Don't be bothered by snow, rain, ice, or mud ever again!

$299.00 plus $45.00 shipping.


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$299.00 plus $45.00 shipping.

About Us

Bump N' Drive supplies innovative upgrade kits to convert farm, ranch, or cattle gates into an automatic gate opener. Designed and engineered in the United States, the mechanism holds the gate open as you drive through it, which is a patented feature. The inventor, Michael Merget, was inspired by his time working on a cattle station in the northern territory of Australia. The 2-million-acre ranch didn't have too many fences, but when the driver came across one, he would simply push the gate open with the bumper of his jeep or truck. An old tire was usually strapped to each side to prevent damaging the gate or vehicle.

Michael was intrigued by the idea that a gate could actually open and close by pure mechanical and gravitational means. In 2010, he decided to design a functional and economical bump gate for ranchers, farmers, and small property owners. The finished product was named Bump N' Drive.

Mission Statement: Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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$299.00 plus $45.00 shipping.

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